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The Ultimate of 250+ Insurance Agent Resource List

Updated: Oct 1, 2018 Over the past 8+ years since launching Insurance Leads Guide we have regularly received emails from agents asking for recommendations for just about everything from lead management and marketing tools to website platforms and FMOs. I have personally done my best to help out where I can and often ask trusted […] Read More

If you have been reading our content for long you know we are high on traffic and marketing diversity. For many smaller operations the concept of managing paid leads, advertising channels, content marketing and lead nurturing is often too much to contemplate. As someone that has worked with numerous upstart agencies I absolutely understand the […] Read More

Finding new insurance leads is hard work. Everyone has their own lead generation suggestions but it can be difficult to keep track of all the options. That’s where this lead generation guide comes in – to save the valuable time you could spend actually generating new leads instead of browsing through countless websites or scribbling […] Read More

Just about one year ago we published our Insurance Agency Marketing Tools & Resources page. Since then it has gotten more requests and questions than any other single piece of content on the site. Many of the inquiries were companies wanting to get listed but there have also been some really good reader suggestions. I […] Read More

Over the past few months I have been helping a P&C agency optimize their marketing workflow and lead funnel.  The agency buys shared leads and also has quite a few organic leads coming through – around 200/month total.  The owner had read most of our content and overall the marketing plan setup and lead diversification […] Read More

As I consumed my morning quota of economic and financial industry happenings I ran into an ACA open enrollment article released by BankRate here.  The story is based on a recent poll that finds over 50% of Americans did not know the Affordable Care Act has a March 31st individual enrollment deadline. Based on what […] Read More

Well, I set out to record a short video taking a look back at 2013 and what to expect in 2014 for the insurance lead industry. That was the plan but in typical fashion I got a little windy and the video ended up being around 20 minutes. See the full video and recap below. […] Read More

T65 Lists & Leads

There has been a surge of activity building in the senior market for the past few years.  Not the type of surge that comes on strong and fades away, but rather one that appears to be snowballing. I realize I am probably stating the obvious considering the audience but it is something that is bigger […] Read More

ILG has been publishing insurance marketing and lead guidance content for over 5 years now and we have accumulated a fairly large database of content.  Despite these efforts I often receive emails from producers who have failed with shared internet leads asking for more help. Perhaps the volume of content is overwhelming or my writing […] Read More

Insurance Lead Nurturing

A while back we posted some insurance lead stats that revealed just how crucial persistent contact plays into lead conversion.  One stat that sticks out is that 80% of leads do not close on first contact.  To take it further the average lead requires more than 5 attempts to even make contact. In this post […] Read More

Avoding Google Search Penalties

Over the past few years Google has dramatically ramped up its efforts to improve search results and thwart web spam.  While some penalties by the search giant are handed out manually most ranking demerits are made by specific algorithms such as the famed Panda and Penguin (see links for details).  There are also numerous known […] Read More