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Internet Insurance Leads

internet-leadsThe maturation of the internet has led to a new medium for insurance lead generation and acquisition.  In just a few short years internet based leads have gone from a fad that only a few agents used to an ever growing force in the industry.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 85% of insurance consumers start their insurance research and shopping activities on the internet.  Love them or hate them internet based leads and lead service companies are here to stay.  Consumers are moving online for insurance related research and quotes.  Agents have to adapt or run the risk of getting left behind.  In this section we are going to cover the basics of buying internet based insurance leads.  This will include services that offer shared leads as well as exclusive leads.

We will also cover the various methods that internet based leads are delivered to agents.  Having the right mindset and expectations is very important when jumping into the lead buying arena so we will also cover what you should expect to get from paid internet leads.  We wouldn’t be living up to our name sake if we didn’t provide a solid guide to buying and working internet leads so we’ll cover those bases as well.

Finally, we will be covering various promotional offers that companies are offering today and how you can test the market with these prospecting freebies.