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Telemarketing Insurance Leads


Telemarketing insurance lead services have their place in the industry but they don’t have quite the presence as internet or direct mail insurance leads.  Most of the operations are small and are really only viable for a few lines such as health, niche life and commercial P&C.  These services will typically call on businesses and residential numbers that have been scrubbed against the do not call list.

Telemarketing insurance leads are typically exclusive and can be delivered in a variety of methods including live transfer, appointment setting, or email delivery.

A quality telemarketing lead service can be quite valuable for agents but they are tough to find as there is often more money in taking short cuts with automated systems and not qualifying leads to proper levels.

We have found the ideal services use no automated recordings to initiate interest.  We prefer services that use a live caller and qualify the prospect according to our specific requirements.  Live transfer during office hours is effective for sales as the prospect is already engaged but email delivery for call back is an acceptable method as well.

We always recommend keeping your options open to telemarketing services as they can be very effective but at the same time quality services are often very small operations and can be tough to find.  Cold calling is a technique all agents should be familiar with so if you can’t find a quality telemarketing lead service covering your area you might want to consider generating your own leads.

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