Cold Calling & Telemarketing

telemarketing Cold calling in one of the most old-school methods of generating insurance leads.  It can be as simple as a producer dialing phone numbers from a local Chamber of Commerce business list to a predictive dialer calling with an automated insurance message that prompts a person on the other end to press 1 to talk to an insurance agent.

It is a time-consuming process so an agent needs to consider the time required to generate leads versus other options available. With that in mind let’s take a look at some tips to finding success with cold calling.

Get a good list
Time is a valuable commodity so make sure you have a targeted list of prospective customers before you start calling.  Whether you generate it yourself or you buy it from a list broker it is well worth the effort.

Work the Gatekeeper
Being able to make a good pitch is important, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t get past the gatekeeper.  Take some time to hone these skills and have a plan in mind before each call.

Be Prepared
It is critical that you know your audience and potential product going into each call.  Personalize knowledge is going to give you an extra bit of separation that might be what it takes to keep the prospect on the line to listen to what you have to offer.

Bring Value
Know your product intimately to the point that you can offer unique and valuable solutions to a prospect’s situation on the spot.  Be prepared to find cost savings for the prospect and provide a guarantee on your offer.

Get an appointment
You are calling unannounced so the chances are good that you won’t be able to close a sale over the phone.  Be respectful of the prospect’s time and make a firm appointment to discuss your services in more detail at the earliest date possible (preferably the next day).

If a phone opening is not a particular area of expertise for you but you’d still like to talk to qualified prospects over the phone you might want to consider hiring an in-house telemarketer.  There are many various online freelance sites where you can find these services such as Upwork or Elance.

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