Traditional Advertising & Marketing


As we previously mentioned there are literally hundreds methods to generate an insurance lead.  Obviously some are more effective than others so we are going to highlight a few other traditional advertising methods we’ve used for successful insurance lead generation.

Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper advertising can be a really big win.  We’ve found results to be inconsistent among various markets but there are a lot of variables in the equation.  If you do buy newspaper advertising be creative and try various sections to determine which one is the best fit for your audience.  Know the circulation of the newspaper going into a buy and don’t be afraid to negotiate.  Newspaper advertising can be expensive but most are willing to negotiate as they are almost all on the ropes financially.

Radio and TV Advertising
Radio and TV advertising is somewhat similar to the newspaper channel.  Shop around the local market and determine which outlet has a good demographic for your campaign for the price.  Again, don’t be afraid to haggle on the price.

Yellow Pages
 While a lot of the phone book traffic has moved to the internet we still recommend a getting listing.  Your target market is everywhere so you have to cast a wider net to maximize your exposure.  We find a yellow page listing still brings value, especially for the senior markets.

Promotional Products
Promotional products can be a great way to keep your name in front of prospects.  Any item that is used on a regular basis with your  business name, address and phone number is great.  The more useful the better.  We also recommend personalized gifts to your current clients such as a return address stamp.

Door Hangers
Door hangers can really produce a solid return in the right circumstances.  There are plenty of local and online printers so shop around for a good value.  You can distribute them yourself or hire paid labor to canvas your target areas.  Door hangers are especially good for high density areas such are apartment complexes where you can get good distribution in a short amount of time.

Tip: Door hangers work great for promoting renters insurance in apartment complexes.  Get in the door with renters and cross sell other lines.

Trade Journals and Niche Classifieds
Niche trade journals and classifieds typically have a strong following and can offer a highly targeted audience for a nice value.  Same rules apply here as newspapers regarding placement and pricing.

Sponsorships are a great way to get your name out there and get some goodwill in the community.  Anything from youth soccer jerseys to a local fund raiser would qualify.  This type of advertising is hard to track so pick your spots carefully and look for opportunities to get your name in front of a large audience.

Free Information Seminars
Running a free information seminar on some of the more complex areas of insurance and financial options can net a lot of new business.  Once you have a captive audience you get the opportunity to sell a group of people at once which is sales gold.  The tough part here is getting people to your seminar.  Get creative with your promotion and don’t be afraid to use the other methods above as well.  When promoting a seminar be sure to sell that it is FREE as much as possible.  This works well with the senior crowd as they do have more free time.

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