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Do Insurance Leads Really Work?

Do Insurance Leads Really Work?

Short answer: They Sure Do!

We get this question on a regular basis which is the reason I decided to give it a blog post.  One potential problem with insurance leads is that they are easy to get started but they require a systematic approach to see success.

Long Answer:  They Sure Do…but the following applies.

Success factors working insurance leads:

  • Testing Is Required – Results will from source to source based on your product line and location.  Some vendors won’t be a good fit so you need to test.
  • Speed To Contact – Quick response is critical.  That means minutes, not hours.  If you don’t have someone to respond to leads as soon as they come in it will impact your conversion rate.
  • Tenacity – Most leads require several contact attempts. Be prepared to make at least 6 attempts per lead and if you don’t make contact add the lead to a drip marketing and mailing list.  Failure to make continued contact will impact effectiveness.
  • Organization – Sticky notes aren’t going to cut it.  You need to have a CRM or some other system in place to keep track of your lead info and contact attempts at a minimum.  Ideally you will have some automation on place for follow up contacts.
  • Sales – It is not always about the lead. One’s ability to solve the prospects problem, present a unique solution and close the sale also matters.

The reason we get this question is because there is a lot of uncertainty about insurance leads and those that have failed are a lot more vocal than that ones that have not.  The great thing about insurance leads is that they are scalable.  With the right approach any decent lead provider that offers credits for bad leads can be profitable.

With all that being said, insurance leads are not the solution for every agent.  Everyone works differently and has a unique skill set and sometimes they don’t always match that required to work hot leads in a fast paced manner over the phone.

This also does not mean an agent that is not a fit for online leads won’t be a great success with a massive book of business.  Not one bit.

This is why we presented some new content options in our last post.

To those of you that responded to the poll, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

The feedback was impressive and the results were interesting to say the least!  What we found out was that you all are interested in almost every topic we put on the poll.  To that we say,  “Fair Enough”. We will be mixing in a wide variety of content topics in 2013 to serve all of you.

One item that did stick out in a big way was interest in a step by step insurance marketing guide.  Bryan is our marketing contributor and is a perfect fit for this job.

He has been working with local businesses and agencies since 2005 and knows how to take a new agent to a search results all-star in a matter of months.  He will be working up a guide and video series pulling back the curtain and revealing every step he takes from the beginning.  The content will cover website optimization, reputation management, establishing social authority, local search marketing and national search marketing as well as local market 1st page domination.

In addition to that he wants to create an over the shoulder series where he takes a newer agent or agency that doesn’t have any real online exposure from nothing to the very top.  In order to do this he needs a couple of volunteers.

If you are interested in having Bryan take your business to the top of the search engines for FREE please email us at editor @ insuranceleadsguide.com with answers to the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What lines do you sell?
  • Where are you located?
  • Are you captive or independent?
  • Do you already have a social presence? (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Do you have a Google Plus account?
  • Do you have a Google Places or Google Plus Local Page?
  • Are you willing to allocate some time to participate in the process?


Bryan will get back with those that are a good fit and will get to work.  The creation process for a course like this will take some time (months) but it will be designed to be a game changer for your business.  The idea is to create a step by step format that you can follow yourself, assign to an employee or give to an outsourcer.  Even if you plan to hire a marketing firm the info will be a good learning tool to help in the hiring process.  Internet marketers are everywhere these days and hiring one that makes a few wrong moves can get you delisted from Google all together which is close to a death penalty these days.

Thanks again for all the responses and stay tuned for more!


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