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LeadsCouncil 2013 LEADER Awards for the Insurance Industry

LeadsCouncil 2013 LEADER Awards for the Insurance Industry

LeadsCouncil LEADER AwardsA little over a week ago the LeadsCouncil LEADER awards were announced.  The results included several companies we have discussed on ILG and are something any prospective agencies looking to buy leads or a lead management solution might want to consider.

Before I get to the awards I have yet to mention the LeadsCouncil on this blog to date so I’ll address that first.  LeadsCouncil is an independent association of lead sellers, buyers and aggregators across several industries such as lending, education and insurance.  While only a few years old the association has become a force for the lead industry and is very well respected.  In an effort to put a light on the top performers in each vertical LeadsCouncil presents the LEADER Awards on an annual basis.

In a move that I find somewhat interesting and also a stroke of marketing genius the 2013 LEADER Awards were not fully published to the public.  An announcement was published on February 12th with a few of the major categories but it seems the rest have been up to the award winners to announce.  In respect of the non-public reveal I am only going to disclose awards that have been publically published by LeadsCouncil or award winners.

Insurance Category Winners for 2013

  • Most Valuable Partner – All Web Leads
  • Best Value – QuoteWizard
  • Best Lead Scoring – Neustar
  • Best in Class Lead Management – Leads360
  • Best Conversion – All Web Leads
  • Best Consistency – All Web Leads
  • Customer Service – All Web Leads
  • Transparency – All Web Leads


There are a few lead vendors listed that we have reviewed here and I wanted to recognize All Web Leads, InsuranceLeads.com and QuoteWizard for their accomplishment.  Congrats!


Note:  “All Web Leads” is the parent company of both All Web Leads and InsuranceLeads.com so both of the services are included in the 5 awards racked up.  Well done!


If anyone has a link to any other insurance related award announcement please feel free to send them my way.   Lead buyers, what do you think of the results?  Feel free to drop a question, comment or congrats to the winners in the comments.

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