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Want More Sales? Zig When Others Zag

I’m kind of a nut for numbers. When I notice things in everyday life I’m always curious to see if I can find any stats that back up my observations. When collecting research for our internet leads by the numbers infographic I found a few interesting stats regarding off-hour leads.

Did you know that leads are 10-15% more likely to convert on nights and weekend? The off-hour advantage is something I’d realized long ago but I didn’t realize the swing was that big. With so much industry competition, this is an edge many of you have probably been looking for.

One of the most overlooked methods of increasing sales is to spend more time selling on nights and weekends. While this may sound like a pain in the neck, being that you have a life outside of work, it an option to consider to grow your book faster or just add a few more clients per month.

While other agents are busy with their personal life, by carving out a few hours of time you can take your business to the next level.

Here are two reasons why you should strongly consider adding some hours to your work schedule on nights and weekends:

1. Less Competition

There is a good chance that you will be the only agent attempting to contact consumers during this time. For this reason, it only makes sense that your chance of success would increase. As always the faster you act the better. This is even more important in off-hours. Waiting 30 minutes could mean your prospect is settling into bed.

2. You are There When the Prospect Needs You

Some agents use an automated email reply in the evening and on weekends. There is no avoiding this some of the time, however, if you are able to respond quickly and get the prospect on the phone you have a major advantage. Leads come in on nights and weekends because that is when these prospects have time to shop for insurance. Accommodate their time schedule instead of trying to squeeze them into yours.

But I don’t have Time?

I understand, there is life outside of work. Most of us don’t want to spend every waking hour conversing with prospects. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Here is an option: pick a couple nights per week to work leads for a few hours. Along with this, choose one weekend day per month to focus on your business. Even though you are only adding a few hours to your schedule, you may be surprised by the results.

If you have some ability to adjust your schedule you may consider switching some night and weekend hours with some of the slower daytime hours of the week off as a tradeoff. This can really optimize your sales and productivity for the hours worked.

By having a little bit of flexibility, you can find some time in your schedule at night and on the weekends to give your business a “sales boost.” You may find that selling during these hours is much easier for you.


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