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QuoteWizard Lowers Max Agents per Auto Lead & Offers $150 Free Lead Promotion

QuoteWizard Lowers Max Agents per Auto Lead & Offers $150 Free Lead Promotion

Quote Wizard Agents AnnouncementWhen it comes to shared insurance leads the most common beef I get from buyers concerns the amount of competition per lead.  It is easy to understand why a lead buyer would want less competition per lead. On the other hand it makes sense that lead sellers are going to want to maximize their return.

As it stands right now the industry standard among top lead vendors is to sell a lead no more than 8 times max.  Most leads are actually sold to around 3 agents or less on average but the high population zip codes will often have many more buyers.

Last week the folks at QuoteWizard got in touch to let us know that they have lowered their max agents per auto insurance lead to 4.  I was quite surprised to hear this because auto is the largest volume line for QuoteWizard and most other lead services as well.  To slash the max sales per lead to half of the industry standard is a pretty big deal and I expect many leads buyers will agree.

When I was notified about the change I was also asked if I would be willing to add an announcement about it on the blog, as I am doing right now.  I think it is an excellent trend for lead buyers so I was happy to oblige.  Of course, I did ask if I could get our readers that have yet to try Quote Wizard leads a deal. 🙂

I am glad I asked!  We secured an exclusive $150 in Free Leads offer just for Insurance Leads Guide readers.

If you are considering QuoteWizard leads you can check out our review for more information and check out a few demo videos covering the backend interface and functionality below as well.


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