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State of the Insurance Lead Industry

Well, I set out to record a short video taking a look back at 2013 and what to expect in 2014 for the insurance lead industry. That was the plan but in typical fashion I got a little windy and the video ended up being around 20 minutes. See the full video and recap below.



State of the Industry Recap

2013 in Review

Uncertainty Surrounding Health / ACA Rollout

–      HealthCare.gov Debacle

–      Agent Strategies

–      Lots of Uncertainty

More Google Updates

–      Changes Impact Organic Search Lead Volume for Agency Sites as Well as Lead Volume and Quality Among Lead Sellers.

–      Panda Quality Algo – Moved from Manual Updates into Main Algorithm

–      Hummingbird Update – Complete Rewrite to Account for Better Natural Language Recognition

–      Penguin Spam Algo Updates – 2.0 in May & 2.1 in October

Changes For Lead Companies

–      More Autonomy

–      Traditional Reselling Circles Loosening

–      More Individual Resell Relationships

–      More Monetization Options

What to Look for in 2014?

Theme: Change = Opportunity

Health Care Changes

–      Lots to Play Out, Be Ready to React

–      Good or Bad, Opportunity Will Be There

–      Expect Impact Across All Lines

–      First Movers Will be Rewarded

More Need For Financial Advice/Products

–      Market Improving, but lots of Skeptics (Re:2008)

–      More Demand for Financial Advice

–      Improved Market Should Create More Sales Opportunity for P&C and Commercial Products

Lead Generation Tips

–      Organic Search Changes =  Low Hanging Fruit for Action Takers

–      Focus on Conversion Forms and Good Calls to Action

–      Social is Key! Increase Focus on YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+

  • These platforms can drive quality traffic and increase trust for organic rankings

–      Be Very Aware of the Panda Algorithm

  • Main Goal is to End Search and Avoid Users Bouncing Back
  • Increase Search CTR with Engaging Meta Title and Description Tags and Google Authorship
  • Ensure Content is Relevant and Engaging with a Site Structure to Encourage Users to Visit More Pages

–      More Factors

  • Reviews – Huge for Local Rankings.  Actively Ask When a Review is Earned
  • Videos – People like Video.  More Engaging and Increases Time on Site
  • Social Metrics – Growing as Trust Factors.  Add Sharing Links if You Haven’t Already
  • Responsive Web Design – Mobile Matters! (Look for Responsive Template & Themes at ThemeForest )
  • Link Google+ Agency Page and/or Author Page to Website

–      Direct Mail

  • Still a Good Option for Many Lines
  • Postage Rates are Going Up
  • Highly Targeted Mailing Lists and Great Copy are Critical

What About Lead Buying? More Change!

–      More Changes For Sellers

–      Google Changes Impact All Sellers

–      Expect New Players and Some Separation

–      Be Prepared to Test New and Old Sources to Take Advantage

  • What to Look for in 2014?

Lead Selling

–      More Opportunities for Lead Sellers

–      More Options Coming for Click Ads

–      New Marketplaces

  • LeadCloud.us
  • What to Look for in 2014?
  • More Provider Reviews and Negotiated Offers
  • Continuing on Insurance Lead School Video Series

InsuranceLeadsGuide.com in 2014

  • More Provider Reviews and Negotiated Offers
  • Continuing on Insurance Lead School Video Series
  • More Content Based on Current Market and Reader Feedback


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