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Insurance Lead Provider Reviews Refreshed

Insurance Lead Provider Reviews Refreshed

Adding an update today to let everyone know that we have finished a big round of updates to our lead company reviews.

There has been a tremendous amount of activity by providers over the past year to add new features and more layers of service to agents, due in part to what I feel is an industry wide quality correction.

With the refresh we bulked up a lot of the information we provide and now offer a full break down of max agents per lead, base pricing per line, pause options, return policies, live transfer availability, delivery options, contracts, integration partners, customer feedback and even screen shots of sample leads.

I can’t reveal all the details yet but we also have some exclusive promotions and updates in the works including some offers just for newsletter subscribers (subscribe via the cheat sheet download form if interested).

We currently offer company profiles and reviews for NetQuote, InsuranceLeads.com, Precise Leads, Agent Insider, Quote Wizard, InsureMe and All Web Leads.

If you still have an itch for more after checking out our updates a colleague I’ve worked with for a few years now, Kevin Howard, recently published over 15 lead company profiles on his comparative review site InsuranceLeadReviews.com.

I’d love to get your feedback and requests for more companies to review. We are also taking suggestions for exclusive lead companies, raters, dailers, CRMs as well as insurance specific web design and marketing services you’d like to know more about. Feedback is welcome through the contact form or in the comments below.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading!



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