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Precise Review

precise leads

Precise has been providing Senior, Home, Auto, Annuity, LTC and Renters leads since 2004.

Precise offers a large selection of lead types with an emphasis on Medicare leads. The company offers live transfer options, lead scrubbing, CRM and rater integrations as well as a variety of lead filters. In addition to shared leads Precise Leads also offers exclusive lead options.


Max Agents Per Shared Lead

3 – Exclusive options available


Options To Adjust/Pause Lead Flow?



Returns Available For Bogus Leads?

Yes – Up to 10 days from lead delivery


Live Transfer Options Available?

Yes – Via LiveLeads option


Delivery Options

Email, Text, CRM/Rater/Dialer



None – Per Lead Pricing


Sample Leads (Click to Enlarge)
Integraton Partners
  • Prospector+
  • QuoteBurst
  • DialYourLeads
  • SalesForce
  • Mojo
  • AgentCubed
  • AgencyIQ
  • Broker Office
  • Quotit
  • Velocify
  • Insurance Digital Assistant
  • Agents Ally
  • InsideSales
  • Custom Integration Options Available

Lead Selection

  • Medicare
  • Annuity
  • Auto
  • Home
  • Health
  • Renters
  • LTC