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Precise Leads Review

precise leads
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Precise Leads has been providing top quality Senior, Life, Home, Auto, Annuity, LTC and Renters leads since 2004.The company has established an excellent reputation as a quality full service insurance lead company capable of delivering virtually any type of insurance lead.

There are several benefits to establishing an ongoing relationship with Precise Leads which can lead to substantial savings in the form of loyalty discounts for life as well as numerous rewards.Customers can expect high quality leads with industry elite filters and delivery options and no long-term contracts. One glaring point of emphasis is the company’s strong position in the senior market.Precise Leads has become a top source for Medicare and Final Expense leads.

Some of the features agents can expect are live transfer options, excellent lead scrubbing, CRM and rater integrations as well as a variety of lead filters. In addition to shared leads Precise Leads also offers exclusive lead options.

For a limited time new customers will receive 25% Off Leads for their first 90 days.


Max Agents Per Shared Lead

3 – Exclusive options available


Options To Adjust/Pause Lead Flow?



Returns Available For Bogus Leads?

Yes – Up to 10 days from lead delivery


Live Transfer Options Available?

Yes – Via LiveLeads option


Delivery Options

Email, Text, CRM/Rater/Dialer



None – Per Lead Pricing


Sample Leads (Click to Enlarge)
Final Expense
Integraton Partners
  • Prospector+
  • QuoteBurst
  • DialYourLeads
  • SalesForce.com
  • Mojo
  • AgentCubed
  • AgencyIQ
  • Broker Office
  • Quotit
  • Velocify
  • Insurance Digital Assistant
  • Agents Ally
  • InsideSales
  • Custom Integration Options Available
Customer Testimonials

Negotiated Promotional Offer

25% Off Leads for 90 Days at Precise Leads

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PreciseLeads Review


  • Top Senior Leads
  • Good Price Points
  • Shared and Exclusive Leads
  • No Contracts
  • 3 Agent Max for Shared Leads
  • Winner of two 2015 Leader Awards
  • Excellent Filter Options
  • 25% Off Leads for 90 Days – Limited Time

Lead Selection

  • Final Expense
  • Medicare
  • Annuity
  • Auto
  • Home
  • Health
  • Life
  • Renters
  • LTC

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