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InsuranceLeadsGuide.com Releases Insurance Leads Cheat Sheet

InsuranceLeadsGuide.com Releases Insurance Leads Cheat Sheet

InsuranceLeadsGuide.com has announced the release of the “Insurance Leads Cheat Sheet,” a must-have for insurance agents interested in creating and maintaining a profitable insurance marketing and lead campaign. The report is available as a free PDF download to insurance agents for a limited time.

InsuranceLeadsGuide.com is well aware that the insurance industry is one of the most competitive in the world. The most successful agents are the ones that understand how to generate new business and are willing to experiment with multiple lead generation strategies.

Released specifically for agents and brokers, the Insurance Leads Cheat Sheet provides 10 points that can directly impact sales and profit.

In addition to serving as a basic guide, this 10-point document is followed by a list of companies that are currently offering free insurance leads and discount promotions.

A representative for InsuranceLeadsGuide.com says, “We are proud to announce the release of this free seven page cheat sheet, as it will help all types of insurance agents better understand how to purchase leads online.”

In the past, generating leads through cold calls and referrals was commonplace. However, with more and more consumers shopping for insurance online, agents have come to realize that purchasing leads via the internet is the most efficient and cost effective approach.

“There used to be a time when agents had no choice but to get on the phone and cold call as many consumers as possible. The industry has changed for the better and agents can now generate leads online, only contacting consumers who are actually interested in buying in the near future.”

InsuranceLeadsGuide.com created its Insurance Leads Cheat Sheet through its industry experience providing agents with information and reviews related to online insurance lead companies. The guide is designed to serve all agents of all lines including those generating or buying life insurance leads, health insurance leads, annuity leads, final expense leads, auto insurance leads and more.

InsuranceLeadsGuide.com is aware that good advice can be expensive, but that many agents need assistance. By following the tips included in the Cheat Sheet, insurance professionals will find themselves in position to purchase leads online as a means of generating new business and increasing sales.

A free copy of the Insurance Leads Cheat Sheet can be downloaded at InsuranceLeadsGuide.com/lp/.

Press Contact:
Mike Izni
(713) 234-0099

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