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Subscriber Only Insurance Agent Directory Free Listing Offer

Subscriber Only Insurance Agent Directory Free Listing Offer


We are taking the blog a bit off course today to announce a new offer for our newsletter subscribers.  As many of you know we like to work out arrangements that get our readers a good deal.  I am personally always trying to get a unique offer with the lead companies to give agents an option to see what is out there without having to break the bank up front.

So, with that said I was emailing with one of the guys that started up InsuranceAgentDirectory.com last week and I had a light bulb moment.  Long story short I managed to get our newsletter subscribers a FREE Enhanced Listing that regularly runs $9.99 a month.  Not only that, I squeezed a bit more and got it as a LIFETIME listing!  The value can run on infinitely but I am calling it a value over $200 just to round things out.  Not bad ‘eh? 🙂

How To Claim Your Free Listing

The process to get your free listing is really simple.

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter.  The signup form can be found on the right side of this page.
  2. Confirm your email address for the subscription.
  3. Register for a free listing at http://www.InsuranceAgentDirectory.com.
  4. Once approved reply back to your Insurance Leads Guide newsletter confirmation email with a link to your InsuranceAgentDirectory.com listing you would like upgraded.
  5. I’ll pass your listing on and it will be upgraded to a Lifetime Enhanced Listing complete with upgraded profile and a direct editorial link to your website

I will be emailing all current subscribers as well so not to worry if you are already subscribed.

Note:  Those that elect to subscribe and immediately unsubscribe after receiving an upgraded listing are subject to have their listing downgraded.

We do not have an expiration date on this offer yet but I know it will not be available indefinitely.  I would recommend that anyone reading this that is interested in the offer jump on it now.

I am pretty happy with the offer and think it is a heck of a deal.  If you have any questions or comments please let us know below and I’ll reply there.

Thanks to the folks at InsuranceAgentDirectory.com for letting us in on such a great promotion!


P.S. – If any other agent centric services out there have a deal we can offer our readers please get in touch here.


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