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Benepath Leads
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Benepath, based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, has established itself as a prominent insurance lead vendor since its inception in 2008. Originally founded as an insurance agency, the company transitioned into a specialist in insurance marketing and exclusive insurance lead generation.

Benepath initially entered the market as an online insurance lead vendor offering exclusive health insurance leads. As the company and customer base grew, they added additional lead types and product lines.

Today, the company offers a diverse range of insurance lead lines including Individual Health, Group Health, and Commercial insurance products such as BOP, P&C, Commercial Auto and Workers Comp leads.

While Benepath continues to be a market leader offering exclusive web leads and calls, they also now offer aged leads and shared leads for individual health.

Benepath Insurance Leads

Exclusive Leads

Benepath offers exclusive web/data leads and exclusive inbound calls across all of the health and commercial product lines and sublines it offers.

Web based exclusive leads are delivered to buyers in near real-time after a prospect submits a web form requesting contact. One additional benefit of this exclusive web format is that the prospect is directed to a custom thank you page after submitting the form with the lead buyers profile and contact information letting them know who will be contacting them. The personalized thank you page is customizable in the Benepath account interface.

Benepath Thank You Page

Exclusive call leads are inbound calls for prospects that elected to speak to an agent over the phone instead of submitting a web form. Calls are routed through an IVR to ensure they are valid leads seeking an insurance quote before the calls are delivered to lead buyers.

Aged Leads

Aged insurance leads is a product category that tends to span a wide range with regards to both price points and quality thanks to questionable definitions of a lead by some unscrupulous sellers in the market.

Benepath claims to offer Premium Aged Leads and rightfully so. Benepath aged leads are generated using the same lead methods as exclusive leads across all product lines.

The only difference is Benepath did not have a lead buyer available when lead was generated. The majority of aged leads sold by Benepath are between 1 and 90 days old. They are sold on a non-exclusive basis similar to shared leads with an average sell rate of 3 to 4 times per lead.

Shared Leads

Shared insurance leads is a new product option for Benepath customers currently limited to the individual health product line. These shared leads are generated using the same methods as exclusive leads at a lower price point. Benepath shared leads are web based leads that can be sold to a maximum of 4 buyers in real-time with an average sell rate between 1 to 2 times per lead.

Lead Generation

One of the primary differentiators that has allowed Benepath to stand the test of time in a rapidly changing market is its unique lead generation approach, which combines search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display advertisements, email campaigns, direct mail, and social media, primarily leveraging platforms high-intent search platforms like Google and Bing. All incoming leads are generated with TCPA compliant standards.

Benepath processes every new lead submission to a multi-layered check for validity, intent and quality. This process includes internal checks as well as TrustedForm and Jornaya validation.

Lead Pricing

Benepath offers customized lead solutions at that are comparable in cost to other leading providers. Lead pricing varies by location, requested lead volume and lead type. Phone call prices will also vary based on the duration of the call.

For an accurate lead price contact Benepath for current rates based on your needs and desired service area. Phone number: 833-719-0605

Lead Delivery

Benepath offers flexible options for lead buyers to receive new leads including the Benepath broker portal interface, email and text. Data sync and API options are also available allowing for pre-configured and custom CRM, rater and dialer integrations.

Lead Filters

Benepath lead filter options vary by product line. Some of the options include location (down to ZIP Code), age, coverage amount, business size, and more.
Benepath Lead Delivery and Filter Options

Lead Returns

Benepath offers a simple credit request option in the lead buyer portal in the event a lead is delivered with a disconnected phone line or bogus contact information. Credit requests can be made up to 21 days from the lead delivery date.

Support Services

Benepath has a dedicated staff of support personnel to quickly address lead buyer needs and offer best practice advice.

In conclusion, Benepath has solidified its position as a trusted partner for insurance agents seeking quality exclusive, aged and now shared insurance leads. With a focus on exclusivity, in-house quality control, and a feedback-driven approach, Benepath is a top option for any agent looking to add a new insurance lead source.

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Common Questions & Additional Details

Is Benepath an Approved Vendor for Major Carriers?

Yes. Benepath is recognized and approved by major carriers.


Does Benepath Offer Exclusive Calls?

Yes. Benepath offers exclusive insurance lead calls and exclusive web leads across all product lines.


How Much Do Benepath Leads Cost?

The price that Benepath can offer for exclusive web leads, exclusive calls, shared individual health leads and aged leads varies based on location, volume, product line, duration (for calls) and filter options. Contact Benepath for exact pricing in your desired territory. Phone number: 833-719-0605


Does Benepath Offer the Ability to Adjust or Pause Lead Flow?

Yes. Benepath offers flexibility for buyers to pause lead flow and adjust lead volumes.


What Lead Delivery Methods Does Benepath Offer?

Benepath lead delivery options include Email, Call Transfer, Text, Portal Notification and Rater/CRM/Dialer (via API/Data Sync).


What is Benepath’s Phone Number?
Benepath’s Phone Number is: 833-719-0605


Does Benepath Have Any Discounts or Promo Offers?
Yes. Benepath is providing readers an exclusive offer of $200 in Free Leads when they open a new account.


What Fields are Included With Benepath Leads?

The data fields provided with Benepath Leads vary by lead type. All leads include name, email, phone number and address.
See the lead examples below for full data field details by lead type.
Benepath Health Insurance Lead Sample
Benepath Group Health Insurance Lead Sample
Benepath Commercial Insurance Lead Sample


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Benepath Leads Review


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