The Ultimate Insurance Agent Resource List

300+ tools and services for insurance agencies & independent brokers
Last Updated on May 22, 2024

Over the past 15+ years since launching Insurance Leads Guide, we have regularly received emails from agents asking for recommendations for everything from lead management and marketing tools to website platforms and FMOs.

I have personally done my best to help out where I can and often ask trusted colleagues when I don’t have an answer based on firsthand experience. I thought it would be a nice option to aggregate these tools and services into one central list as a reference.

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This list will be regularly updated, so please bookmark it and check back for updates. If you see a great resource that is missing, be sure to let us know here.

Insurance Lead & Data Providers

Insurance Lead Companies

Our list of fresh and real-time lead companies. You can also see individual provider pages via the “review” links.

Insurance Prospecting & Marketing Lists

Often confused with leads, list services offer targeted contact lists for direct mail, telemarketing, door knocking, email prospecting, and digital marketing. The difference between leads and lists is that a person on a prospecting list is simply aggregated data. The contacts did not submit their info with the intent to buy or get more information for an insurance or financial product.

Aged Insurance Leads

Exclusive Insurance Leads

Insurance Software & Sales Resources

Insurance CRM & Lead Management Systems

Below are a few of the top CRM and LMS providers in the industry. Many are seeking to become a one-stop solution so they might incorporate other services listed in the categories below. The right solution for each agency is becoming a bit more complicated every day. The options vary depending on being independent or captive, by product line, and by state. Your ideal solution will also vary based on your desire to cherry-pick services or go with an all-in-one provider. We suggest putting in some serious research time before choosing because it can be very painful to switch once integrated.

Insurance Quoting Software & Comparative Raters

Here are some of the top quote and rating solutions. Many are line specific which could mean multiple solutions for multi-line brokers.

Insurance Agency Management

Insurance agency management software offers an all-in-one solution to running a modern insurance agency or brokerage. Each software solution below has its own unique set of options and solutions. Some are product line specific while others offer a generic platform that can be customized. If you are already using a separate CRM, lead management software, quote engine, dialer or email marketing software you will want to consider all integration and migration options before making a decision. I also recommend looking for a provider that can grow with your company and accommodate any additional product lines you would like to add.

Insurance Dialers

Dialers took a major shift with the introduction of DNC laws. Dialers today can help with lead response and productivity. Many of the top providers will integrate with your CRM/LMS.

eSignature Solutions

E-signature software has played a major role in bridging the insurance industry to the digital-first era. While digital signature functionality is now a native feature of most agency management systems, some agencies and brokers prefer a stand-alone or custom solution. Below are some of the top e-signature solutions.

Website Solutions & Resources

Website Builders & CMS Platforms

For those that want to build their own website, we have a list of the top CMS (content management system) platforms and website builders available. Open source CMS platforms, specifically WordPress, have traditionally been the starting block for non-developers who want to build a website.

In recent years, easy to use “drag and drop” DIY site builder software services have become extremely popular. Site builders allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to build a nice looking website in minimal time. Website builder services do have a monthly fee, but they include web hosting which is a separate expense (and learning curve) required when using a free CMS platform such as WordPress.

WordPress Themes & Page Builders

WordPress is a free CMS platform that is used by over 25% of websites on the Internet. Because of its popularity, there are countless WordPress plugins, themes and resources available to build just about any type of website one can imagine if you are willing to put in some time and effort. Below are some of the best places to find a theme as well as page builder plugins that can simulate the drag and drop design of popular site builders on the WordPress platform.

WordPress Themes

WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Web Hosting

With site speed becoming a search engine ranking signal, fast web hosting is now even more mission critical to online lead generation. I have personally worked with all of these services. This site is currently hosted by Cloudways, which has been excellent.

Insurance Agency Website Design & Development Services (DFY)

Don’t want to mess with creating or editing a website in-house? Here are a few insurance industry specific website design and development services to consider.

Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

CDNs are another layer of hosting that can make your website faster and more reliable by serving files across a distributed network of servers. Files are served to visitors from the closest server location, which makes the site load faster for visitors and puts less stress on your primary web host. CDNs can also help with website security by blocking malicious web activity. Implementing a CDN service can seem daunting, but the process has gotten a lot easier to implement over the past few years. ILG uses Cloudflare which I have found to be the most user-friendly solution. I’ve worked first-hand with most of the options below. If you need some help hit me up in the comments or through the contact page.

Domain Names

Below are a few domain registrars and aftermarket domain marketplaces to find a good name for your website.

Domain Registrars

Domain Aftermarkets

Website Chat Tools

Adding a live chat tool to your website can net an immediate boost in leads and visitor conversion rate. We have evolved into a society of seamless communication and instant gratification. Live chat knocks down the objection of having to wait for someone to call back and allows producers the opportunity to communicate with prospects when they are most engaged.

Calendar & Scheduling Tools

Calendar and self-scheduling tools simplify prospect appointments and boost client satisfaction for insurance agencies by cutting administrative tasks and offering convenient, automated scheduling.

Website Conversion & Landing Page Tools

These tools add proven engagement and call to action elements. They are easy to implement and can instantly optimize lead conversion. They are all paid tools, but I’ve found that they easily pay for themselves with the increase in lead generation.

Analytics & User Behavior Tools

As the old saying goes, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. That’s not a problem with the analytics and user behavior recording tools below. These services cover basic traffic recording to conversion tracking and heatmaps. Google Analytics has been the default in this category, but recent product updates have left many small business owners seeking alternatives with more actionable and simplified reporting.

Insurance Quote & Web Form Builders

Want to roll your own custom quote or contact form? These tools can help you get the job done. Mix in automation tools like Zapier and Make and you can connect most of the solutions below directly into your CRM, LMS, Dialer or Quote Engine.

SEO, Content & Market Research Tools

Below are some of the most popular SEO, competitor analysis, content marketing and keyword research tools.

  • SERanking – Solid value alternative to SEMRush
  • SEMRush – Good, but expensive after recent price hikes
  • Ahrefs – Great, but priced more for marketing agencies
  • Google Search Console – Google’s data and reporting interface for website owners
  • Bing Webmaster Tools – Bing’s interface for website owners
  • SpyFu – Search and PPC competitor analysis
  • Website Auditor – Website audit software that provides analysis and suggestions to improve rankings
  • Keywords Everywhere – SEO and keyword analysis browser extension.
  • AnswerThePublic – Free tool, a great supplement for additional ideas
  • Rank Math – Excellent Free SEO plugin for WordPress
  • Yoast SEO – Free SEO plugin for WordPress websites

Content & Writing Tools

Today’s writing and content creation tools, powered by advancements in AI and technology, offer an array of capabilities. They can help users streamline content creation and aid in everyday communications. The following tools offer powerful assistance for creating high-quality web, social and advertising content.

Logo Creation

The logo and digital design service industry has experienced a dramatic shift recently thanks to improvements in AI models. This change reduced the cost and time to procure a quality logo, with many services offering logo creation for free. Custom design services are still available, although many will be fully or partially created with AI assistance. Below are some good options to consider if you need a logo.

  • Canva
  • Looka (Formerly LogoJoy) – Create a Free custom logo with the help of powerful AI assistance
  • Tailor Brands – Free AI Logo Maker
  • ChatGPT – Good results with Custom Logo GPTs using the Plus plan.
  • 99 Designs – Custom Logo and Branding Solution
  • Design Crowd – Custom Logo via design submissions
  • See Freelance Marketplaces Below

Freelance Resources & Marketplaces

These resources are where you can find just about anything you need including contractors talented in video, programming, web design, graphics, web copy, telemarketing and more. The first 3 are project based bidding platforms. Fiverr is a marketplace for small gigs that cost as little as $5 each.

Insurance Lead Generation, Marketing & Prospecting Resources

Door Knocking Apps

If selling door to door is part of your sales mix, stay organized and map out your game plan with a professional door knocking sales app.

Email Outreach

Use these tools to scale and automate personalized cold email outreach.

Prospecting Data Tools

If you are missing key contact details for an email (or phone) pitch or need a really specific list of contacts, the following tools can help.

Advertising Platforms

These are the top options for online business advertising. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing+Yahoo search) will be the most effective because of the high user intent of search but they will also cost more per lead. Social platforms are great for generating initial interest and retargeting visitors who have already shown interest in your services.

Social & Advertising Graphic Creation

When it comes to advertising on social media platforms, the images you use are just as important as the ad copy. These tools and services help you get it right the first time.

Video Production & Editing Tools

Need video content for social, ad platforms or TV? These low cost and free video editing tools can help you get it done.

Social Media Tools

A great social media strategy requires a balance of manual and scheduled posting. These tools help to organize and automate some of chaos that is social media marketing.

  • SocialBee – 14 Day Free Trail. My preferred social dashboard. $24/mo
  • MissingLettr – AI assited posts, images and sheduling. $15/mo
  • CoSchedule – Free 2 Profile limited plan. Full plans start at $19/mo
  • SocialPilot – Plans starting at $25/mo
  • Zoho Social – Plans start at $10/mo. Great option if you are using other Zoho products
  • Later – Plans starting at $17/mo
  • Meet Edgar – Full-featured solution starting at $30/mo
  • Buffer – Limited Free Plan. Advanced Plans starting at $6/mo per channel

Email Marketing & Newsletter Services

Email is integrated into several of the CRM and LMS solutions which can be a good or not-so-good thing depending on the implementation. Keep in mind that an email only service is likely to have a higher delivery rate than a software integrated feature.

Email marketing and automation can be a lead generation and sales boon if used properly. These tools can be used for email newsletters, autoresponder sequences, sales funnels, and automated lead follow-up. Many options below also offer free full-featured starter plans up to 1000 subscribers.

Sales & Web Automation Tools

Sales automation has become a key component of the lead machine for top producers. Some of the top agency and lead management software suites have automation fully baked in. Of course, these high-tech features can come at a high price. The good news is that there is a growing number of middle-ware services that provide platforms to connect and automate just about any online service without a computer science degree. The following tools are a must-use if you want to automate actions between different tools and online services.

Direct Mail

Below are a few of our most recommended providers for direct mail. There are a variety of different services in this category and a few more to come.

Local Directories & Citations

These are services focused on local search marketing. Google Business Profile is the first priority. Be sure to complete every field possible. Yext is where I go next for an instant impact building an online profile and citations; critical components for strong local search rankings. If you are captive, you might already have a Yext profile managed through your carrier.

Letterhead & Business Cards

Here are a few services for stationary and business cards. If you want something super impressive (a la American Psycho) you’ll want to opt for letter press. Fair warning though, it is expensive.

Insurance Operations & Organizations

Email & Business Suites

Hosted email solutions have come a long way in recent years. I’ve personally tested and configured just about every major option on the market today. It wasn’t that long ago that I was convinced the best option was a custom email server. Today, a custom server is almost out of the question due to cost, security, and regulatory concerns.

I am a customer of each of the solutions below and really like each one for different reasons. If I could only use one service to run my business I would choose Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) due to the MANY integrations, the suite of services, reliability, and low price point ($6/mo per user).

Important Note About Using a Free Email Account

While Google Workspace might look exactly like the free Gmail alternative, It is very important to note that a standard Gmail account, or any free email service, is not a viable option for business email that is likely to contain sensitive client information.

Every free email service I’ve reviewed requires opting into invasive terms of service that leverage user data for advertising. Some go so far as to claim ownership of all information submitted through the service.

The options below offer enterprise-level privacy, terms of service, and security at a reasonable price.

  • Google Workspace (Formely G Suite) – Full suite of Google email and business software with your domain name, enterprise grade TOS, configuration options, email client flexibility (including Outlook) and more storage for around $7/mo per user.

    Note: I’ve been using Google’s business grade email since it was in beta and regularly get access to one-time use referral codes good for 10% off the full business suite for the first year of service. Feel free to email me if interested and I’ll share one if I have any available at the time.

  • Microsoft 365 – Microsoft continues to improve on their cloud based email and Office software solution. I like it as much as Google Workspace with recent Copilot integrations. If you love Outlook and Office, it is an excellent option.
  • Fastmail – Fastmail is a highly reliable, low cost hosted email service with a focus on enterprise grade security and privacy.
  • Zoho Workplace – Solid email option for customers of other Zoho services.

Insurance Licensing & Continuing Education

Below are some of the more popular sources for insurance licensing and online CE classes.

E&O Insurance

Having good errors and omissions coverage is important. Below are a few direct sources and agent organizations that offer E&O policies. If you work with an FMO or belong to an independent agent organization you should check to see if they offer E&O insurance as well.

Insurance Field Marketing Organizations & Appointments

It would be difficult to make the topic of insurance marketing organizations and contract appointments more confusing. Titles such as IMO (Independent Marketing Organization), FMO (Field Marketing Organization), and MGA (Managing General Agent) are often used interchangeably. The definition of each can depend on the product line and is even further muddied by conflicting carrier definitions and agencies using the terms (and variations) as titles for marketing.

Generally speaking, all of the above are agencies or organizations that can offer carrier contracts to independents with many offering additional services such as training, technology, back-office support, and lead programs. Below is a list of some of the more popular FMO/IMO/MGA options with supported product lines.

Phone & Communication Systems

Choosing providers for business communications such as VOIP phone systems, broadcast texting, SMS marketing, and voicemail can be a challenging task. Many of the unified software solutions on the market offer some or all of these as native features. If you are seeking an alternative or a stand-alone option, take a look at the list of services below.

Video Conferencing & Webinar Services

Telesales and webinars done properly can be very lucrative as a compliment or substitute for traditional in person appointment and seminars. Online video conferencing software can serve multiple purposes including webinars, remote team meetings, sales presentations and client calls.

Productivity Tools & Resources

Many of you are already familiar with these services but just in case we decided to list a few of our favorites.


Whew! There you have it.

Over 300 tools and services for insurance agents and brokers.

What do you think? Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your favorites, suggestions, and any other thoughts in the comments below.

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    • Thanks, Shawn! Resource pages like this one are always evolving. The current version took a little over two weeks to update and is eight years in the making. I’m glad it worked out for you!

  2. This is great! Check out Harvest – it is a really easy time tracker system that has reporting and invoicing built in. I was recommended it by a fellow agent and love it.

    • Glad you liked it, Sandy. I’ll give Harvest a look. Thanks!

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    • No problem, Rish. I’m glad you found it helpful.
      Lead qualification, in general, comes down to taking the time to get on the same page and nail down a solid set of lead qualification questions or script. I’ve found this to be of critical importance whether you are talking about inbound or outbound, in-house or a 3rd party services. If the foundation isn’t set, the outcome is often marginal at best.

  4. Thank you for the GSuite discount code! I found this page looking for in indy agency lead management CRM and stumbled onto the email software section. We have been using a shared Gmail account for lead followup and I had no idea our communications were so exposed. I noticed other free email options have similar exposure as well. GSuite was easy to set up and is working like a charm! 🙂

    • My pleasure, Sharlet. Good move! The lack of privacy and full content ownership with most of the free emails services today is one of the most significant risks that I see with independent agencies.

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  7. Awesome list, Bryan! Discovered a few great tools that I will have to check out. ????

    You may also want to add Leadsurance, a great suite of insurance marketing and lead gen tools with optional add-on services.

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    • Thank you, Tricia. I don’t have enough first-hand experience working specifically with commercial CRM and agency management software to make a confident recommendation. I know there are a few niche options on the market, such as AgencyMaster ( If you are having trouble finding something that checks all of the boxes, I’d recommend starting with a more generic CRM software like PipeDrive or VanillaSoft. You’ll save some money and have more flexibility if you can find a fit with one of those options.

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    • Thank you for the heads up, Frank! I’ve updated the link. 😉

  13. Thanks for updating this list. Currently searching for a new e-signature solution because Docusign says our 8 users send too many documents (about 70 per week) and has raised us to over $8,000 per year (notice they never state how many documents you are allowed in any of the plans).
    You don’t have PandaDocs in the list and right now they seem to be the most interesting option. Have you looked at them at all? Their eSignature level seems to have everything the others do and their Business level includes many features that looks very interesting.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Frank. I have a queue of recommended providers that I’ve been reviewing for additions and updates. PandaDoc is on the list. I have yet to use it myself but based on the number of times it has been suggested, it will likely be added soon. A new batch of updates is in the works.

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    My favorite dialing tool is Dialer360 and I have been using it for the last 5 years. It gives your complete call details reporting & can be integrated with the top leading CRM’s. I will give this dialer 10/10 ratings and hope that it will be added in your article in the dialing section.

  21. Excellent resource and much needed. A few things I’ve struggled with are the e-signature platforms at an affordable price. We send many apps for signature, and the cost can add up. I especially don’t like spending extra money on an e-signature to send a cancellation request 🙂 I also wonder about the best route to go with a CRM and how to properly manage households vs contacts. Thanks for putting this together.


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