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QuoteWizard Review

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Update: Quote Wizard recently reduced their max agents per lead to 4.

QuoteWizard is a market leader in the US insurance lead industry. The Seattle-based company joined the fray as a small startup in 2006 and quickly gained market share amid heavy competition. With an eventual acquisition by parent company LendingTree, QuoteWizard further established its position as one of the most popular lead sources among insurance professionals.

QuoteWizard offers leads for multiple lines with a focus on Auto, Home, Health, Renters and Condo insurance. Territories are available based on ZIP code, radius, county, and state.

Agents can expect real-time leads with a variety of delivery methods including mobile text messaging and delivery to the top insurance CRMs and raters. QuoteWizard also gives agents total control with daily volume caps and various scheduling features.

QuoteWizard has developed an industry-leading quality monitoring system titled QuoteWizardIQ. This lead scoring mechanism allows the company to weed out lower quality lead sourced as well as identify its highest quality sources.

The integration of this system has been a huge success looking at the response of lead buyers. Since the full implementation of QuoteWizardIQ, the company has seen almost double the volume of high-quality leads, a 50% reduction in agent cancellations, a 23% reduction in returned leads, and a 65% increase in leads purchased.

With more than 60 custom filters, QuoteWizard customers have the ability to target consumers by age, prior coverage, marital status, credit rating, gender, homeownership, and more. Agents looking to buy auto insurance leads will enjoy the ability to filter for prospects with multi-car policies.

QuoteWizard takes great pride in its focus on customer service. Agents do not have to go through multiple departments to get the support they are looking for. The company also offers one of the best return policies in the industry.

All in all, QuoteWizard is one of the biggest and best companies in the insurance lead business. Each month, the company generates more than 300,000 unique leads – many of which turn into sales for their growing network of more than 7,000 agents.

New agents that sign up using the link here will receive a 50% Matching Deposit on Auto and Home Leads which is an exclusive offer to InsuranceLeadsGuide.com readers.

Common Questions & Additional Details

What is QuoteWizard’s Maximum Number of Agents Per Shared Lead?

4 Max


How Much Do QuoteWizard Leads Cost?

Base pricing for shared leads is as follows.

Auto - UnfilteredNo filters$7
Auto - StandardNo DUIs, SR22s or suspensions$9
Auto - PreferredOver 22, low incidents and current insurance with No DUIs, SR22s or suspensions$13
Auto - PremiumOver 25, low incidents and current insurance with No DUIs, SR22s or suspensions$14.50
Auto - Preferred Good CreditGood to Excellent Credit, over 22, low incidents and current insurance with No DUIs, SR22s or suspensions$16.50
Auto - Preferred Home OwnerDriver is a home owner, over 22, low incidents and current insurance with No DUIs, SR22s or suspensions$17.50
HomeNo mobile homes$11
Renters / CondoRenter or condo$6
Health/Medicarehealth or medicareAsk for current rate

Prices as of the most recent update. Subject to change. Call for custom pricing. Phone number: 877-958-9116


Does QuoteWizard Offer the Ability to Adjust or Pause Lead Flow?

Yes – Standard accounts have 45 days vacation per year. Additional days (up to unlimited) are available for higher volume accounts.

Does QuoteWizard Offer Returns For Bogus Leads?

Yes. There is a ten day window for lead returns.


Does QuoteWizard Have Live Transfers Available?

Yes. QuoteWizard currently offers live transfers for auto insurance leads.


What Lead Delivery Methods Does QuoteWizard Offer?

Email, Live Transfer (Auto), Text, Rater/CRM/Dialer


Does QuoteWizard Require a Contract to Buy Leads?

No. All leads are sold on a per per lead or call basis.


What Lead Filters Does QuoteWizard Offer?

Over 22
Over 25
Over 30
Under 60
Under 55
Under 74
Not at fault
No tickets
Low Incidents (maximum 1 per driver, 2 per household)
No incidents (tickets, accidents, or claims)
Currently insured
Insured Over 1 Year
Insured Over 2 Years
Insured Over 3 Years
Own Home
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
Good/Excellent Credit
Multiple Cars

High Risk
No/Yes DUIs
No/Yes Suspensions
No/Yes SR22s
Poor Driver
Requires Accidents

Good Credit
Home (10 years or newer)
No mobile
Mobile Only
2 Claims
No Dogs
No Claims

Good Credit
No/Yes Condo
No Vicious Dogs

Major Medical
Short Term
Medicare Supplement
Ask a Rep


What is QuoteWizard’s Phone Number?


Does QuoteWizard Have Any Discounts or Promo Offers?
Yes. Quotewizard has a 50% off on Auto and Home Leads for new customers.


Sample Leads (Click to Enlarge)
QuoteWizard Sample Auto Insurance Lead
QuoteWizard Sample Home Insurance Lead
QuoteWizard Sample Health Insurance Lead
QuoteWizard Sample Medicare Supplement Lead
QuoteWizard Sample Renter Insurance Lead


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  • Additional Integrations Available


Customer Testimonials
quotewizard testimonial 1
quotewizard testimonial 2
quotewizard testimonial 3


Negotiated Promotional Offer

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Quote Wizard Phone Number:

*Note: Promotional offer is currently for Auto and Home leads. Ask for promotions on Health leads and Live Transfers. This promotion is not valid for current clients and Farmers agents (ask about exclusive offers for Farmers agents).
Quote Wizard Leads Review


  • Large Volume Provider
  • WizardCalls Live Transfers
  • Custom Leads Options
  • QuoteWizardIQ Quality Monitoring
  • Over 60 Custom Filters
  • Flexible Return Policy
  • High Quality
  • Real-Time Delivery
  • 50% Deposit Match

Lead Selection

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Health
  • Medicare
  • Renters
  • Condo
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Call: 877-958-9116