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Although SmartFinancial Agents is one of the newer lead vendors in the market, the team behind the service is among the most experienced in the industry. With a resume of successful agency and then lead company ownership dating back to 2007, SmartFinancial has leveraged that experience to scale its product line quickly. The company started offering a successful live call lead transfer service called Contactability. With a regular customer base established, the team built on their success with calls to provide a full line of lead products as SmartFinancial Agents.

SmartFinancial currently offers auto, home, health, and medicare leads in volume across the United States, with options to buy exclusive web leads, shared web leads, and live call transfers.

With an extensive history of working directly with insurance lead buyers, the SmartFinancial team knew they would have to focus on the details to deliver products customers would keep coming back for.

These details include custom options to prequalify calls, extensive web leads with over thirty-five prospect fields, quality filtering options, high-intent traffic sources, and a focus on customer service.

ILG readers interested in giving SmartFinancial Agents leads a test run can take advantage of an up to 60% off regular priced leads offer on this web page or by asking for it over the phone at 213-340-2802.

Product specifics and common lead buyer questions are addressed in the following sections.

Common Questions & Additional Details

What is SmartFinancial’s Maximum Number of Agents Per Shared Lead?

SmartFinancial will sell a shared lead a maximum of three times. At most, one per carrier.


How Much Do Leads Cost with SmartFinancial Agents?

SmartFinancial lead prices vary based on the product line, desired territory, and volume needs.

All SmartFinancial lead buyers have access to a dedicated account manager available to create a custom lead plan to meet their requirements.
Repeat buyers can take advantage of a rewards system that allows them to earn free leads.
The general price range of SmartFinancial leads is shown in the table below.

Web Leads$5-$15
Call Transfers$15-$35

Prices are general estimates as of the most recent update. Subject to change. For custom pricing call 213-340-2802


Does SmartFinancial Agents Offer the Ability to Adjust or Pause Lead Flow?

Yes. SmartFinancial offers customers lead volume controls, custom scheduling, budget controls, and unlimited campaign pausing.


Does SmartFinancial Agents Offer Returns For Leads with Bad Data?

Yes. SmartFinancial Agents offers a fourteen-day return window for lead returns.


Does SmartFinancial Agents Have Live Transfers Available?

Yes. SmartFinancial originated as a live transfer service called Contactability. The company offers 100% exclusive call transfer leads for health, medicare, home, and auto leads.


Does SmartFinancial Agents Offer Exclusive Web Leads?

Yes. SmartFinancial offers exclusive web leads for health, medicare, home, and auto leads.

What Lead Delivery Methods Does SmartFinancial Agents Offer?

Delivery via Live Call Transfer, Email, Text, Rater/CRM/Dialer.


Does SmartFinancial Agents Require a Contract to Buy Leads?

No. SmartFinancial Leads does not require a contract to buy leads. Leads are sold purely on a pay-per-lead or pay-per-call basis.


What Data Fields Does SmartFinancial Offer?

SmartFinancial collects over 35 data fields. Below are common fields acquired. Most of the fields can be filtered to target a specific lead type.


Currently Insured (Y/N)
Current Carrier
Length of Coverage
Policy Expiration
Desired Coverage – Bodily Injury
Desired Coverage – Property Damage
Desired Coverage – Uninsured Motorist
Desired Coverage – Underinsured Motorist
Desired Coverage – Deductible
Driver – Name
Driver – License Status
Driver – Relationship
Driver – Gender
Driver – Birthday
Driver – Marital Status
Driver – Occupation
Driver – Education
Driver – Credit Rating
Driver – Military (Y/N)
Driver – Home Owner
Driver – Bankruptcy
Driver – DUI
Driver – SR-22
Vehicle – Year
Vehicle – Make
Vehicle – Model
Vehicle – Trim
Vehicle – VIN
Vehicle – Use
Vehicle – Annual Miles
Vehicle – Ownership
Vehicle – ZIP Code
Vehicle – Garage

Marital Status
Credit Rating
Current Coverage (Y/N)
Current Carrier
Current Coverage Tenure
Policy Expiration
Desired Coverage – Replacement Cost
Desired Coverage – Personal Liability
Desired Coverage – Desired Deductible
Home Details – Type
Home Details – Ownership
Home Details – Design
Home Details – Business Use (Y/N)
Home Details – Construction
Home Details – Foundation
Home Details – Roof Type
Home Details – Roof Age
Home Details – Year Built
Home Details – Garage
Home Details – Total Rooms
Home Details – Square Footage
Home Details – Bedrooms
Home Details – Bathrooms

Currently Insured (Y/N)
Current Carrier
Current Coverage Length
Policy Expiration
Applicant – Name
Applicant – Relation
Applicant – Birthday
Applicant – Gender
Applicant – Height
Applicant – Weight
Applicant – Marital Status
Applicant – Tobacco (Y/N)
Applicant – Pre-Existing Conditions
Applicant – Type of Condition
Applicant – People in Household
Applicant – Annual Income


What is SmartFinancial’s Phone Number?


Does SmartFinancial Have Any Discounts or Promo Offers?
Yes. SmartFinancial has a discount offer up to 60% off regular pricing for new customers.


Do You Have Examples of SmartFinancial Agents Leads?

Yes. See below.

SmartFinancial Sample Auto Insurance Lead
SmartFinancial Sample Home Insurance Lead
SmartFinancial Sample Health Insurance Lead


What Integration Partners Does SmartFinancial Agents Work With?

SmartFinancial Agents can be integrated with most industry software and service providers. Custom 3rd party API integrations are also available. Below are some of the most popular integration options.

  • Blitz
  • LeadiD/Jornaya
  • xVerify
  • RealValidation
  • AgencyMVP


Negotiated Promotional Offer

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SmartFinancial Phone Number:

SmartFinancial Leads Review


  • National Coverage Provider
  • Exclusive Live Call Transfers
  • Exclusive Web Leads
  • Shared Leads – 3 Max
  • Over 35 Lead Fields
  • Flexible Return Policy
  • Filtering & Pre-Qualifying Options
  • Real-Time Delivery
  • Free Lead Rewards Program
  • Up to 60% Off Leads

Lead Selection

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Health
  • Medicare
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