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Buying Insurance Leads

Buying LeadsInsurance lead delivery services have really come on strong over the past few years and have made traditional lead generation methods an after thought many agents.  There are plenty of pros and cons that come with paid insurance leads but we feel that they definitely have their place and recommend all agents consider them in their marketing strategies.  Finding a good lead service for your particular needs is no doubt a chore but if you do find one it can be a real profit center.  The paid leads versus lead generation argument is one that will go on forever (we recommend both for the record) but in the end it is a game of numbers and figuring out the best options for your business.  While paid leads do obviously cost money they can also save a lot of time if worked properly.  As any good business owner knows, time is always the most valuable asset.  It takes a concerted effort and rigid tracking to determine the best ratio paid leads to pure lead generation but finding the best use of your time and resources is critical to building your business.

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

  • Many agents will speak poorly of all paid insurance lead options.  You might hear good things about a service from one agent and horrible things about the same service from another agent.  There are several factors at play here and it is important to understand all of them.
  • Not all lead services are going to be a fit for each insurance line and/or geographical region.
  • Most agents aren’t going to disclose a good lead source.  A good source is very valuable and many agents will protect their sources to the point that they tell others that the service is very bad.
  • There are many questionable insurance lead services and it is important that an agent do as much due diligence and testing with a lead service as possible.
  • Many agents do not work paid leads in a profitable manner and in turn have a poor opinion of them.  This is a biggie and we cover proper lead working technique in this guide.

With that as a primer let’s get started with Internet Insurance Leads.

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