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Founded in 2014 by a former health insurance agency owner, NextGen Leads provides thousands of shared, exclusive, and live transfer leads to the US market daily. The San Diego-based company was formed to address the frustrations founder Chris Kelly experienced as a lead buyer.

Launching with a total of four employees and one product (shared health leads), NextGen was well received by early customers and quickly grew a loyal base of regular lead buyers. Chris ran with the company’s early success seeking out talented employees with insurance industry and lead generation experience to grow the product line.

Fast-forwarding to today, the company now offers Health and Medicare insurance leads and has secured multiple appearances on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies.

Much of the success NextGen Leads has experienced is the result of striving to create a better lead-buying experience. Early efforts and investments focused on streamlining the lead buying experience to save the customer time and make the campaign creation process easier. The result of those efforts is a user-friendly account interface that allows the customer to quickly get up to speed with self-serve lead buying campaigns and return options.

The NextGen buyer interface is feature-rich with integrated tools to assist with conversion and return on investment calculations. Customers that need help getting started or need any assistance with their campaigns have access to a dedicated account manager.

Another feature unique to the NextGen Leads platform is a value-based second-tier lead auction. This lead pricing model is similar to the auction models implemented on pay-per-click ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Lead buyers bid the price they are willing to pay for a lead across three quality tiers and only pay 1 penny more than the next highest bidder.

This lead cost model is a popular draw for customers as it ensures leads are purchased at the best price possible, and it also serves as a secondary volume control with adjustable bids.

Numerous additional details have helped NextGen become an industry leader, such as their exclusive web lead profile pages, unlimited campaign pausing, and extensive filters covered in detail below.

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Common Questions & Additional Details

What is NextGen Leads’ Maximum Number of Agents Per Shared Lead?

5 Max


Does NextGen Leads Have Live Transfers Available?

Yes. NextGen offers live call transfers for health and medicare leads. All calls are delivered by NextGen trained operators in a US call center.


Does NextGen Leads Offer Exclusive Web Leads?

Yes. NextGen offers exclusive web leads for health and medicare leads. Exclusive lead buyers can also elect to deliver leads to a premium profile page after quote form submission, which dramatically increases contact rate, speed to contact, and conversion rate.


How Much Do Leads Cost with NextGen Leads?

NextGen lead prices vary based on their second-tier auction model. The table below displays some of the base rates per product line.

Auto - SharedAs Low as $6
Auto - ExclusiveAs Low as $10
Auto - Live TransferAs Low as $25
Health - SharedAs Low as $3
Health - ExclusiveAs Low as $8
Health - Live TransferAs Low as $35
Medicare - SharedAs Low as $8
Medicare - ExclusiveAs Low as $16
Medicare - Live TransferAs Low as $35

Below is an example of the tiered auction format. Only bid on your desired quality levels with what you are willing to pay (Max Bid).
NextGen Tiered Auction Lead Buying Interface

Note: The lead prices listed above are current as of the most recent update to this page. Subject to change.


Does NextGen Leads Offer the Ability to Adjust or Pause Lead Flow?

Yes. Lead buyers can pause lead campaigns at any time, for any length of time.

Does NextGen Offer Returns For Bad Leads?

Yes. NextGen Leads offers a fourteen day window for lead returns.


What Lead Delivery Methods Does NextGen Leads Offer?

Email, Live Call Transfer, Text, Rater/CRM/Dialer


Does NextGen Leads Require a Contract to Buy Leads?

No. All leads are sold on a pay-as-you-go basis.


What Lead Filters Does NextGen Leads Offer?

Lead buying campaigns are highly customizable through filters. Below is a list of commonly used filters by product line.

ZIP Code
Medical Conditions
Household Size
Time of Day

ZIP Code
Medical Conditions
Time of Day
Medicare Part A/B Enrollment


What Lead Fields Does NextGen Leads Provide?

Below is a list of some of the available lead fields, many of which can are available to be filtered.
First Name
Last Name

Household Size
Major Medical Conditions
Heart Attack
Hepatitis C
Pulmonary Disease
Tobacco User
Life Event
Extreme Sports

Currently Covered
Supplemental Coverage
Medicare Saving
Preexisting Conditions
Tobacco Use


Does NextGen Leads Offer Any Discounts or Lead Promotions?

Yes. NextGen Leads has a 50% Match Up to $500 in Free Leads offer for new customers.

Can NextGen Leads Integrate with My Currenty Agency Software?

Yes. NextGen Leads can be integrated into any CRM, Rater, Dialer or Agency Management software. Most integrations are completed within one business day.


Customer Testimonials

NextGen Leads Testimonial 1
NextGen Leads Testimonial 2


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NextGen Leads Review


  • High Volume Provider
  • Live Transfers (US Based)
  • Real-Time Shared Leads
  • Exclusive Web Leads
  • Time Saving Self-Serve Account Options
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Simple Return Policy
  • Precise Targeting Controls
  • Value-Based Auction Pricing
  • Real-Time Delivery
  • 50% Match Up to $500 in Free Leads

Lead Selection

  • Health
  • Medicare